Amber Teething Necklace for Babies Amberta – Teething Discomfort & Drooling Relief, Natural Soothing Effect, Anti Inflammatory – 100% Baltic Amber, Twist-in Screw Clasp, Handmade

December 23, 2017 - Comment


Anonymous says:

I was hesitant to use a necklace on my baby out of fear it could become a strangulation hazard but amber teething necklaces have been highly recommended by friends. This necklace is well made. There are knots between each piece so they don’t shift and leave room for the necklace to tangle (I even tugged on it a bit before putting it on my daughter). The cord is strong with no loose fibers. The screw on clasp prevents baby from taking it off, leaving me confident it will not become a…

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