Children’s Board LCD Writing Tablet NEWYES NYF850 8.5 Inch Frog Handwriting Tablet Graphic Drawing Board Digital Portable Magnetic Magnetic Durable Pads Kid’s Gift Pad 1 Year Warranty (pink)

February 8, 2018 - Comment


falguni patel says:

My 7 yr old and 2 yr old love this product. So I decided to order this product as I was tired of looking for papers for my 2 yr old to draw and doodle. He also bothers my 7 yr old when he is trying to do his homework. This…

Anonymous says:

Great little drawing board. It’s thin, light, and the kids seem to love it. It’s worlds better than their old drawing board which used a magnet and fine iron particles to leave a trail. It has a built-in holder for the stylus in the back, which is a nice touch. Now to teach my kids to always put the stylus back when they’re done…The lines drawn are sufficiently legible with ambient light. It’s not bright like a tablet–it’s enough to get the job done. Content is not visible if…

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