Elefun & Friends Hungry Hungry Hippos Grab & Go Game (Includes 2 Chomping Hippos)

November 11, 2016 - Comment


Anonymous says:

“I saw a commercial for an above-ground pool, it was 30 seconds long. Because that’s the maximum amount of time you can picture yourself having fun in an above-ground pool. If it was 31 seconds, the actor would say “The water is only up to here? What do I do now? Throw the ball back to Jimmy? Or put some goggles on and look at his feet?”- Mitch HedbergThis game made me think of this joke. Because 30 seconds is the maximum amount of time you can have with this…

Anonymous says:

Because it is so light it is harder to play. The balls like to fall down into the side holes, it’s unstable and therefore more difficult to press the arms to make the hippos work, and when they are depressed the hippos mouths don’t always open.I bought this for my kids to play on trips. I have started to leave it at home because they get so frustrated that they end up more grouchy and harder to deal with then before I gave it to them as a distraction.I think I will just…

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