Ghostbusters: The Video Game – PC

January 4, 2018 - Comment


Steve says:

Who ya gonna call? I grew up watching all the cartoons and the movies, so I’m a huge Ghostbusters nerd. That being said, I loved this game. It was a lot like being in a Ghostbusters movie. I beat the game in about 4-5 hours time, but that was just doing what was necessary to proceed with the storyline, nothing extra. If I want to do the extra stuff (not sure if it will unlock more extras or not) that could easily take another 15-20 hours of game time, and I would enjoy every single minute of it…

Michael Hawkins says:

Despite a few flaws, a great game Glad to have finally gotten to play this game. It feels like a Ghostbusters story, and the added perk of having the actors voice their characters just makes it all the more enjoyable.The few flaws I noticed could’ve been just because of me using a laptop computer and not meeting ALL the requirements for the best experience (had to set a few things on low for it to run right, but that’s not the game’s fault). Despite that I was still able to play, and enjoy the story…

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