Homestec 10-Inch LCD Writing tablet-Can Be Used as office Whiteboard Bulletin Board Kitchen Memo Notice Fridge Board Large Daily Planner Gifts for kids (10-Inches, White+case)

February 11, 2018 - Comment


Minnesota Mike says:

Inexpensive, very thin, light weight, very much like a modern Etch-A-Sketch, so cool! I had never seen one of these writing tablets in person, but for the price, I thought my toddler would love it. I opened up the box, hit the button and started doodling! Really, it’s that simple. Write away, whatever you like, and when you’re done just hit the button and it all goes away. I assume the pen somehow stimulates the pixels which makes the lines and marks. It’s a really genius design; almost like a modern Etch-a-Sketch! It only uses a small button battery to power it which will…

V I. says:

Great writing tablet OVERVIEW: Q. When is a fridge not a fridge? A. When it becomes a magnetic notice-board!For years our refrigerator has been doing double duty as a notice-board, with all kinds of magnets used to hold reminder notes, messages, photos, and more. So when I heard about a magnetic LCD Writing Tablet I immediately thought of the potential to use this for family messages on our fridge, and ordered it from Amazon.SHIPPING: The product arrived from Amazon, packaged in a protective…

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