Hungry Hungry Hippos

November 11, 2016 - Comment


Marion Ray says:

adult assembly required every time Definitely a kid favorite game–My children (ages 7 and 5) like to bring this game out every once in a while for a few days. Here are two things I did not know about this game. First, the white marbles from this game are smaller and lighter that regular marbles. If you lose them you can not replace the lighter white marbles with regular marbles.Second, you have to completely take apart the game to store it back in the original box. The hippo heads snap off ,as well as, the hippo…

Ms. Keri Jaskey says:

Wish I had saved mine….from 25 years ago…. I LOVE THIS GAME but they have made it so crappy and cheap that you CANNOT play without it falling apart. I want to send it back but my 3 year old can’t tell the difference just gets mad every time the hippo breaks off. The balls are cheap plastic too so they bounce around everywhere. We got this game for my son for Christmas and we are truly disappointed 🙁 We don’t have the heart to tell him Santa’s elves messed up and we need to send it back. I don’t blame Amazon I blame the people who made…

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