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February 7, 2018 - Comment


Marc Lopatenko says:

but a lot like this one I bought this toy when my one year old daughter broke her VTech book that was very similar. I’m thinking it was an older model of this one as it was different, but a lot like this one. Upon receiving this, my husband and I noticed right off the bat that it was made much better than the one that my daughter broke. She absolutely loves the new one just as much if not more than she did the old one. She carries it around with her and hands it to my husband or I whenever she’s wanting to get in…

Client d'Amazon says:

This little Musical book is perfect for my 15 month old grand daughter. She loves to read and will sit for a long time while doing it. This little book asyou turn the pages it plays nursery rhymes and she will get up and dance to them.She has her favorites and if one comes on that is not a favorite she will turn thepage again. There are 2 modes to this book. Music mode and learning mode. Withthe learning mode the different color keys will say the color and the music instrument.This is a great interactive book for all ages and I would…

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