The Walking Dead: Season 2 – PlayStation 3

January 3, 2017 - Comment


Ramona says:

DO NOT BUY ON PS3 – UNFIXED GLITCHES Disclaimer: I loved the first Walking Dead game. As a fan of the series and Telltale Games, I had high expectations for this sequel. While the story is engaging and interesting (but not as good as its predecessor), the PS3 version is incomplete and it is impossible to play through the LAST episode with your SAVED DATA. Because each episode of The Walking Dead video game series is contingent upon the player’s previous choices and decisions, this glitch is egregious and inexcusable. This game was…

Michael R. Wallin says:

More of the same from Season One I really liked season one. It was different, fresh, new, and had a compelling story that kept you interested. I even purchased/downloaded the “400 Days” DLC for it. Season two was okay and decisions you have to make are difficult as usual but the decisions I made in “400 Days” didn’t amount to anything. Also they didn’t really do anything different or bring anything fresh or new to the table. Usually franchise games add something new to each entry in the series as a way to drive…

Anonymous says:

Season 1 had its issues, lots of talking between real-time action sequences and choices in a linear storyline that ultimately just changed which characters followed you into the next chapter and changed a few details, as opposed to really changing the story. The real draw, however, was the cohesive and exhilarating storytelling with characters that stuck with you in a twisting, turning story that built to a chilling climax and a heart-wrenching epilogue. Unfortunately, Season 2 has all of the…

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