TUSAZU USB Rechargeable Bike Light, 500 Lumens Super Bright LED Bicycle Light ,1200mah Lithium Battery, 6 Light Mode Options, Water Resistant IP65, for Kids Men Women Road Cycling Safety Flashlight

January 6, 2018 - Comment


Irakli Khutsiberidze says:

Great design and very bright!! I’m very happy. I purchased two of these puppies and attached them to my bike. Two hours of rain and dirt in the mountain with no issues in the highest setting. They produced more light than my friend’s super expensive light. Very pleased with the purchase. You should buy two like I did for mountain biking. I use one pointed right in front of my front wheel and one pointing further ahead. This light has a lot going for it. It’s rechargeable! I hate batteries, so this is perfect. It also uses a…

Heather Muisener says:

Good Quality Light I’ve tried several lights, and all the ones to date have come off – one because the latching mechanism would disengage on bumps, and another because the clamp broke. This one is a little larger and slightly heavier than the others, but it feels well designed and secure. It has a silicone strap that stretches around the handlebar, and because the center of gravity of the unit is right over the handlebar, it actually holds pretty well. My handlebar is on the small side (22mm) so I have it on a…

Elizabeth Schmitz says:

Excellent LED light I usually read a few positive reviews and all of the negative reviews. There are very little negative reviews for this product. But I was still hesitant. I was read Something was still holding me back. So I to read more recent positive reviews. Now I was ready to order. I love the rechargeable battery. The USB is built right into the battery so charging it is a breeze. Anywhere you go nowadays there is always a USB charger. They may be small but they are bright. It mounts easily and is solid…

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